Daughters of Zion


Our Purpose

  • To help women draw closer to God and mature in their faith.
  • To build up fellowship among women while encouraging each other to provide women opportunities for ministry and outreach.
  • To heal wounded women and preach deliverance to those that are bound, breaking chains of bondage and being set free.
  • To give sight to women who are spiritually blind.
  • To release the anointing of God that burdens are removed and yokes are destroyed in the lives of women. 

Women need to discover their true identity and purpose, which are in Jesus Christ. They need to walk with confidence and self-esteem, to be released to prepare the body of Christ for the coming of the Lord.

Our Vision

  • To see a generation of women whether single or married, young or old, be empowered by the Holy Spirit and stand firm in the word of God. A generation of women in unity, that have broken through the chains of bondage that had once held them captive; who now are set free to discover their true potential in Jesus Christ, serving the Lord, and loving who they are in Him.
  • To be devoted to one another in love, honoring one another above ourselves, faithful in prayer, sharing with God's people who are in need, and practicing hospitality.
  • To encourage spiritual growth, personal development and leadership within each woman and to contribute to the welfare of the home, church, community and the world.
Martha Borchardt